Moving to Holbæk from abroad

When you arrive in Holbæk for the first time, we will do our best to guide you; how to find a job, how to learn the language and how to get familiar with your new surroundings.

Holbæk is a medium sized city located only 45 min. from Copenhagen (the Danish capital). In Holbæk you will not only find a variety of shops, culture, businesses and beautiful nature but also plenty of possibilities for sports and other activities.

We welcome you as a new citizen in our city. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

We make the contact with Danish authorities as easy as possible – for you, your partner, and for Danish companies that employ foreign employees.

International Citizen Service (ICS) – all the service you need in one place

There's a lot to take care of when you arrive in Denmark as a foreign employee, job seeker or student. But International Citizen Service (ICS) is there to help.

We make the contact with Danish authorities as easy as possible – for you, your partner, and for Danish companies that employ foreign employees.

All the authorities you typically need to contact are represented at ICS. So in most cases, you'll only need to visit an ICS office in order to take care of your paperwork and find answers to your questions.

Employers are welcome to contact the local ICS to inquire about the best time of day for visiting ICS.

Good luck with your planning and welcome to Denmark!

European International Citizen Service

If you are looking for a job in Holbæk or nearby, we recommend you take a look at the pages below.

The local job centre may help you with information about the local job market, rules concerning benefits e.g.

Go to job centre page

General information about how to find a job in Denmark is provided by Work in Denmark.

Go to Work in Denmark

If you are a newly arrived adult in Denmark, you can attend a Danish language course at one of the language centres located nationwide.

If you wish to sign up for free Danish classes at a language centre you need a referral from the job centre in Holbæk. Once you have a Danish CPR-number, you will receive a letter from the jobcentre offering you the opportunity to attend the free Danish course.

For general information about Danish classes, please contact the local language centre.

AOF Sprogcenter Nordvest
Lundemarksvej 24
4300 Holbæk

Tel: +45 59 44 02 34


If you are planning on moving to Holbæk with your family, the municipality offers a number of schools and daycare facilities.

The municipality of Holbæk is divided into eight public school districts. Your child will normally attend school in the district you live in. However, non-Danish speaking children may follow a special beginner´s programme at Isefjordskolen. A child starts school at the age of six, and there are 10 compulsory school years. School uniforms are not used. Each school has an after-school facility (SFO).

All public schools are free of charge but you pay a monthly fee for preschool childcare (dagtilbud) as well as for after-school facilities (SFO). In each school district, a number of child care facilities for preschool children are available. For children aged 1-3 you may choose between a childcare institution (vuggestue) or daycare in a private home (dagpleje). For children aged 3-6, childcare institutions (børnehus) are available.

Contact the school district

For admission of your child to a school, please contact your district school.

See school districts here

To apply for your child to enter pre-school childcare or an after-school facility you must apply online via Digital Pladsanvisning at this website (note that the instructions are in Danish only).

Apply for childcare

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